hyperinflation and inflation

Our teacher of history told us to post some videos explaning what is hiperinflation, inflation and the hiperinflation in Germany. After that we have to explain hiperinflation and inflation in our own word. I made this with serena braun.

Here is the first video of hiperinflation

This one is Of inflation

Hyperinflation in Germany

Hyperinflation: It is when when the prices rice up very quickly because the goverment need money, this was solved by printing money and as a consecuence of this the prices riece up so quickly thet a bread could cost millions of pounds more in one hour. Also if a prosperous middle class family  could buy a house by 1921, but by 1923 would not eaven buy a loaf of bread.

Inflation: It is when the goverment need money and they print money causin the prices to rice up but it is not as much as the hyperinflation. Now in Argentina the prices went up but not as much as hiperinflation, for example a candy could cost 0,50 pesos and in the next year 2 or 1 pesos.


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